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Samara from “the ring” was arrested for car theft!

And so it happens. Spooky dark-haired girl from the American version of the Japanese horror movie “the ring”, was detained by police in a stolen BMW.

Actress Davie chase, now 27, was in the car on the passenger seat, was not directly real, but is still considered a party to the theft, as the presence inside the machine without the permission of the owner is a crime. Poet charges were brought against not only the driver of a stolen transport, but also chase.

Davey Chase.

Davey is arrested, but he can make bail in the amount of 25 thousand dollars – okay, so the girl rode 🙂

In General, imagine that your car is stealing Samara Morgan from “the ring” – cool 🙂

Despite the great success of “Call,” Davy chase until he became a big star in Hollywood. Since then, the actress starred in several genre films, including “S. Darko” (direct-to-video sequel to the cult classic, “Donnie Darko”) and “Jack goes home.”

Creepy kids from horror movies – what are they now?

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