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Russian youth admitted, as he wants to earn

Российская молодежь призналась, сколько хочет зарабатывать

It turned out, what level of wages is counting youth in Russia. The most money I want to earn staff working in the field of information technology.

“A third of them believed that their education and skill level allow them to claim the salary from 50 to 60 thousand roubles a month” — says RTсо with reference to the research of Ranepa. Every fifth of the IT specialist is counting on a salary of 40-50 thousand per month, and about 25% would be happy with a salary of 30-40 thousand.

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More modest appetites were the beginners of the security forces. A quarter of young people working in law enforcement, would like to earn 50-60 thousand rubles. To 40-50 thousand agree as many beginners law enforcement officers.


Young advertisers and financiers willing to work for 40 thousand rubles. And only 15% of them would be enough salary of 20-30 thousand rubles per month. Only modest expectations of educators, culture or medicine. About 40% of them admitted that they are willing to work for 20-30 thousand. Only 10% of them expect that they will earn 40-50 thousand per month.

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Previously, the Federal state statistics service reported on the growth of zarplatomer. According to Rosstat, the citizens began to earn 2.8% more.

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