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Russian tourists disrupted the shooting of the program “heads and tails” in Thailand

Russian tourists are able to scare one fact of his presence literally any. Of course, this fact does not apply to all Russian-speaking vacationers. So, in Thailand, the film crew of the popular show “heads and tails” had to face considerable difficulties owing to the compatriots.

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About the incident told the PR Director of a leading Regina Todorenko. “Without hesitating, without thinking that way, they quietly went straight to the frame directly during recording. to take a picture:

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Hey, Mala, let’s quickly take a picture. I your program look cool every day.

— Sorry, but You couldn’t get out of the frame. We be sure to take a picture, but then. We’re shooting for.

— Well and what? You’re not a hotel shoot! — neigh tourist. And there were many. They approached, approached, approached, and the sun by that time was drawing to a close.

This is what I am. A little annoying when strangers allow themselves to get into their requests to do photo/video/audio, questions, comments, just plain chatter, not realizing that right now, in this moment, they are frankly in the way. Interfere with work, rest, hinder just to chat. And I’m not even talking about those who just brazenly sits at our table to chat with the host of the popular program,” wrote Catherine Primina in Instagram (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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