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Russian school on 1 September “please” expensive bouquets

Российских школьников к 1 сентября «обрадуют» дорогими букетами

In Russia on the eve of September 1 (the beginning of the school year) are on average approximately 70% off the price of flowers, which is primarily related to an increase in purchase prices.

As pointed out by the experts of consulting company “logistics. Business. Decisions,” the expected increase is associated primarily with an increase in purchase prices that depend on demand from the plantations and the flower auction, as well as the cost of logistics services. The latter is expected to increase this year by 5-7 percent compared to September 2018, according to

“The premium to the standard price can be up to 20 percent due to the increase in demand and logistics costs. For this price priplyusuem 20 percent, which will add wholesale merchants, and then another 30 percent will add to the retail sellers. So that the market growth of at least 70 percent of the regular price” — calculated the head of the company “logistics. Business. Solutions” Vyacheslav Belobritsky.

Recall also that in this year of 1.9 million first-graders will go to schools. It is 100 thousand more than last year, said earlier the Director of Department of international cooperation and public relations, press Secretary of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation Andrey Emelyanov.

He said that in 2019 the educational organization of all types of substantially upgrading its infrastructure by providing children comfortable access to high-quality educational environment.

He has previously stated that the Ministry of education will not give the regions a recommendation on what day to hold the line for students. Each subject will determine the appropriate date for themselves.

Meanwhile, the electrostatic experts “Institute for the development of the Internet” (IRI) offered to Improvemeny of the Russian Federation to introduce in the curriculum of a computer game. Iran took several eSport titles and games designed to develop in students certain skills. They are encouraged to teach in schools optional. Chosen subjects allow you to develop teamwork skills, strategic thinking, logic, speed of reaction, as well as creative potential, according to experts of the Institute.

To teaching in schools suggested Dota 2, Minecraft, Hearthstone, Dota Underlords, FIFA 19, World of Tanks and CodinGame. In a letter sent to Iran’s Ministry of education, stated that most of these games — a recognized eSports disciplines. They are tournaments and even international Championships.

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