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Russian mercenary was shocked by the truth about the service in the “L/DNR”

Российский наемник шокировал правдой о службе в "Л/ДНР" Russian mercenary said, “volunteers from Russia” about what they are actually in the service of “L/DNR”.

The words of Michael Polinkova on the page in Facebook has led journalist Yuri Butusov.

“Michael Polynkov is a citizen of Russia, former Moscow copywriter, at the beginning of the war came up with a profitable business established under the “roof” of the terrorist Girkin motion on the recruitment of mercenary”volunteers” to the war in Donbass and the collection of funds to assist the “new Russia”. Polynkov of the funds and he lives, because so far the number of unemployed”, – Butusov writes. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

To show its structure better than anyone is recruiting mercenaries and takes care of their “employment”, Polynkov decided to write without embellishment, about the realities of service in the 1st and 2nd army corps of the occupying Russian troops in the Donbas, which should be ready for the newcomers.

“Thumps and blows 96% heroes of the Russian world. From this loss. From this injury. From this every x*ynya happens. Blow up, shoot, slaughter each other for a piece of p*dy. So add drunks to the total weight. Why? Suddenly they affected the peace-Niks or normal people? I think you understand. But if you say, “I know when to say when!”. I heard it from pee and vomit-covered scum who couldn’t stand up, but screamed that he is able to fight,” writes Polynkov.

“I don’t know how the other commanders, I would have just shot them when declaring combat anxiety and went to carry out their tasks. Injured through the fault of those b*yadey, I would have been totally unnecessary. I think the desire to be shot like a dog, his own commander, that’s your fault someone died… a Dubious pleasure. Thumps homes,” he added.

Polynkov also reported that the mercenaries in the Donbas must themselves provide all the necessary accoutrements.

“If you do not take into account the fact that one you’re going to buy there. And you will buy it. For my money, of course. From shoes and ending with the insignia. This is not counting the fact that the needs of the “unit” is also unfasten have. Booze counselors and perfume they send*am…. Brrr…. Sorry. The needs of the staff, of course,” – said Polynkov.

He added that necessary medical support is not there.

“Those icicles that the state occupy the positions of nurses, 99 percent – litter staff. Of course, is that sensible doctors across. But very rarely,” said Polynkov.

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