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Russia will have no 5G networks

The cellular network of the fifth generation, according to the presidential program of the Digital economy, should appear in the large cities of Russia in 2020, but as it turns out, is a utopia. Authorities together with operators completely changed plans, and now 5G will earn in the first place in industrial areas.

Operators, by the way, has come up with a reason not to make new networks of settlements. As noted by the representatives of one of the Big Three operators, 5G network in the cities are simply unprofitable for them – it is very likely that investment in their development is banal does not pay off. Where they took it remains a mystery, but I dare to remind that in many large cities of our country is still not even LTE, 3G and in some places missing.

Operators believe that the high-speed data transmission, which is able to provide a 5G network, the Russians simply do not need – for social networking and video streaming is enough for the currently available networks of the fourth generation. 5G, according to them, will be in demand only in certain areas, for which no one will invest in new equipment. As to the more civilized countries such as China and Japan, the construction of 5G is in full swing, and there is some reason I think first and foremost about the people, whereas our operators are concerned only with their own wallets.

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