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Russia used pokemon against Americans

Россия использовала покемонов против американцевLook for pokémon offered in places where clashes took place against the background of racism.

Related to Russia company use the Pokemon Go trying to sow discord in American society using racial tension. This is stated in the CNN investigation.

The aim of the campaign called Don’t Shoot Us (“don’t shoot us”), which is actively promoted in social networks was to sow racial hatred.

Sources claim that the campaign was ruled a “Troll farm”, known as “online research” associated with senior Russian leaders in the Kremlin.

The TV channel notes that in July 2016 the service account microblogging Tumblr associated with the campaign Don’t Shoot Us, has announced a contest that encourages readers to play Pokémon Go.

“Players are asked to search for pokemon near the places where there were alleged cases of police brutality related to racism. Users were instructed to give the pokemon names to match the names of the victims,” – said in the investigation.

So, one of pokemon called the “Eric garner” on behalf of African American strangled in 2014, a police officer in new York.

The winners of the game promised a gift card by American company Amazon. CNN found no evidence that the promise was fulfilled.

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