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Was aiming for the Americans, and were in their

Deputies of the state Duma pushed into a corner of his promise to accept less laws that angered citizens. Thursday dawned in the state Duma eventful day. In one sitting, the deputies adopted several laws that can grab the head of any respectable citizen. And voted for the most part …

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Last Chinese: Beijing puts Americans on the spot

Chinese authorities have warned foreign companies not to put Chinese firms in technology, warned about the serious consequences. According to the American newspaper The New York Times, June 4-5, held a closed meeting of Chinese officials and business representatives, where before they had conveyed this warning. The publication reports that …

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Became known, the Americans plan to return to the moon

In the United States plan to return to the satellite of the Earth already in 2024It looks like the plans to return American astronauts to the moon by the end of 2020 was quite ambitious. Vice-President Michael Penny announced that henceforth the United States plan to return to the Earth …

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