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Russia predicted record influx of migrants

России предсказали рекордный наплыв мигрантов

Head of the laboratory of quantitative methods for the study of regional development of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Elena Egorova predicts that Russia in the current year will host the largest number of workers from other countries.

According to Rosstat, the migration gain in January—July 2019 amounted to 153 thousand 912 people, which is almost twice more than the same period of 2018. “This is the highest figure for the last 10 years”, — told RIA “news” the expert.

According to her, one of the reasons for such a sharp growth could be a transition at the beginning of the year on the new forms of statistical reporting that enabled the interior Ministry to transfer, and Rosstat to handle more information”.

As explained Yegorova, the conclusion of 2019 made on the basis of annual comparisons, and “it is assumed that in the remaining months, the pace of migration will continue.”

We will remind that the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev approved a regulation limiting the share of foreign workers used in various branches of economy by managing subjects and regions of Russia for 2020.

As follows from the document published yesterday on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers, in some spheres of economic activity, the share of the saved set for 2019.

Thus, in particular, in the spheres of activities of other land passenger transport and road freight transport allowable percentage is 26% of the total number of workers in the field of sports — 25%.

In addition, left unchanged the maximum share of foreign workers in the construction sector — 80% of all employees. Although this rule will not apply to Buryatia, Amur oblast and Moscow and in Dagestan will be 50% (in 2019, it does not apply on the territory of Khabarovsk Krai, Amur region and Moscow).

Also the saved set in 2019 the maximum share in the field of growing of vegetables in the amount of 50% of the total number of workers used by business entities.

Meanwhile, more than 70% of Russians would like to reduce the flow of migrant workers from abroad. Last month reported the results of the survey “Levada-center”, which suggests that about 72% of Russians believe that the authorities should limit the inflow of foreign citizens who come to Russia to work. Only 9% hold the opposite opinion, 15% don’t pay any attention on this topic.

In July 2017, in the course of conducting a similar survey for the restriction of the flow of migrants were 58% of Russians, a year later 67%.

While the number of indifferent significantly decreased — only two years ago the figure was 30%.

In the first half of 2019 with different purposes in Russia profit of 15 million people, 2.4 million of them stated that they came for work. According to the FSB, the majority of foreigners coming to work — residents of the CIS countries. Leaders in this part of Uzbekistan (918 thousand), Tajikistan (523.9 million), Kyrgyzstan (265 thousand), Ukraine (164.6 thousand) and Kazakhstan (to 105.3 million).

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