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Russia has called the possible cause of exit from the Council of Europe

В России назвали возможную причину выхода из Совета ЕвропыRed line to exit the PACE.

If the rights of Russia in the Council of Europe will not be restored until the election of the Secretary-General at the June session, the country will leave the COE. This was the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Grushko.

“Discriminatory measures against our delegation was introduced in 2014, and we ceased to pay in 2018. More than three years we expected that the situation will be corrected, take steps to overcome this crisis. But this did not happen, so we had to demonstrate our response to this discriminatory situation that was totally unacceptable,” – said the Deputy Minister.

“We said (the red line are – ed) election of the Secretary General at the June session, and it is clear that if a solution is not found, then we are already in the fundamental plan to decide on the future of the Council of Europe. But at the same time we see that many in the Council of Europe understand that the Council of Europe without Russia has no future. Say so directly, many leading politicians,” he added, answering the question about the possible date of the withdrawal of Russia from the Council of Europe.

Grushko also said that the question of the payment of contributions to the PACE needs to be resolved “not from the point of view of the Russian contribution.”

“We have stated several times, and all our message caught: as soon as will overcome this blatant discrepancy between the regulations and statutory requirements and will be restored the full rights of the Russian delegation, we’ll pay our dues not only for the current year, but for the last one,” he added.

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