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Roger Corman is planning final “death race” and something else

The king of B-movies and just a legend Roger Corman never ceases to amaze with his energy and fertility. In April he was 91, and he is clearly not going to throw favourite business, producerea all new movies. So, we know Corman is working on a Japanese “Piranha”, even here he came up with their name. But as always one project its activities are not limited.

Held in late April of Overlook Film Festival Corman was awarded the award of the Master of Horror. Taking a well-deserved prize, he talked about what works in the moment. It turned out, in his plans for the two films with the word “death” in the title.

First, this “Group of death” (Death squad), the film inspired by the story of Rodrigo ROA Duterte, President of the Philippines, staged the country’s real war on the drug trade, encouraging the execution of criminals without trial. More than a thousand people were killed during special operations and courts Lynch during his presidency.

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Roger Corman wants to describe in his movie the history of similar people, but the surroundings there will be quite different:

The post-apocalyptic world in which the tyrannical ruler instructs extrajudicial killings, supposedly to reduce crime, which leads to the fact that he begins to kill anyone who disagrees with him.

The hero of the picture — initially not bad in General man. He really wants to help his country, but massive repression turns him into a mad executioner, and the only response to any dissent for him is death.

A good tie. Furthermore, it becomes steeper in the conditions of post-Apocalypse, right?

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The second project Korman is the sequel to the cult classic, “Deadly race 2000”. In January of this year he released the sequel of the classics with the incomparable Malcolm McDowell in one of the roles.

The third part should be the end of the trilogy. Yes, Corman believes that this is not a franchise that is long torment. Like, pretty gradually. So the working title of the project is very telling — Death Race to Finish. The script is still being written, but the General concept Roger seems to have invented. However, details have not yet been revealed.

Well, hats off and really admire the enthusiasm Korman. We’ll eagerly wait for news about the films that he develops.

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