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Robert Englund pumps in the first excerpt from the horror film “Night world”

20 Oct 2017 the US will release the new horror film involving everyone’s favorite Freddy Krueger, I mean – Robert Englund. The icon of the genre is no stranger to appear in all the cheap, however, it is believed that the participation of the honored veteran makes any movie a little better.

Along with Englund in the film “Night world” (Nightworld) starred actor Jason London (“the Perfect holiday”). Both can be seen in the following excerpt. In fact, playing animationslogo blind Englund tells the character of London, which is very skeptical about the fact that there are several Gates of Hell, with which you can open the door to the “Land of the Dead.”

The idea that formed the basis of the script, belongs to the producer Loris Curci (11-11-11). In addition, the above script worked in Milan, Konjevic (“dead Zone”), Barry Keating (“Crack”) and newcomer Dimitar Hristov. The Director gave thirty-five Patricio Valladares (“Company of ghosts”).

To passage prisovokupleniem previously released trailer and stills and the movie poster you’ll find here.

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