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Roasted rooster pecks three times

Жареный петух клюет трижды

Curious, what is meant by the word “Bang” Secretary of General Council of United Russia, Mr. Turchak, when he speaks of the unprecedented win on almost all fronts?

In Moscow of the 45 mandates in the EP, there were 38, were 25. In Sevastopol the control of the legislature was of 76.1%, was of 38.5%. Even in the Crimea, quite a significant loss: from 70.2 slipped to 54.7%. And so almost everywhere. And about the Khabarovsk Krai and to talk dirty.

But the attribution of all regional casualties of the “United Russia” efficiency “Smart Voting” by its sponsors is probably too tight.

In my opinion, nothing new in the behavior of the Russians, as voters, did not happen. And did not start in this election and the last election campaign, when they felt the governors lost Murzilki, which they themselves had selected.

What started? You don’t even have the books to look, but just remember (it’s been recently) about the people’s love to Mikhail Gorbachev to Boris Yeltsin. And how quickly “in Russian,” with the continued deterioration of life love turned into hatred. In a single step. In this respect exceptions in Russia does not happen.

The Kremlin felt the end of a run of good luck before 2012, but considered it the cost of the liberal “Medvedev’s government”. It is necessary to return the firm hand of Putin to the control of government and everything will be fine. Not normal…

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Then decided on a mobilization option called “krymnash”. Television screens filled with strained-fake jingoism. Behalf of the authority and the MPs have demonstrated blatant apathy and polupriznanie usmeshechkoy spoke against sanctions.

No matter they are from fright or did seriously believe “soybeam” that people are willing to tighten the belt until it stops (and if it is necessary, and on the neck) for the acquisition of a phantom called “Russian world”. But the head of government of the newly spun from sky-high ratings.

Just think — what was missing? Koi in a century, life really began to improve. From wild market crawled out, slowly the business went down, people get used to the new rules began. Despite all the claims to the bungling and corruption, social stratification and the difference in the territories, it was impossible not to admit that the Russian people have never lived so well. Moreover, and then seemed to only get better. Prices for resources help, and how the “evil Empire” we are not looking, and visa’s canceled.

And suddenly again surrounded by enemies? And with clenched teeth, tightening the strap, one and all? The people in patriotism mobilized and rallied around the government? And hereafter?..

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No, not likely. Was no rush, no mobilization. Drug jingoism will not last long. The deterioration of life of an explosive question arises: what is a hangover we must suffer for your palaces, yachts, and foreign estates? Why we are in their County towns and villages are burying their kids for your Chimera of national greatness? And why those who were called into the trenches of “new Russia” is still not there?

And the answers to such questions, as a rule, do not even wait. The answer comes by itself unexpectedly. Either in the form of “senseless and merciless”, or the collapse of the state. Both the previous century we have already passed. And with the loss of the state — twice. It may be enough to tempt fate? Yes and people…

The elections draw not a defeat but a draw and not a victory. This is the fried chicken that pecks power in one place. Now he fell a second time. And if the government again will not go on dialogue with society, develop joint ways to resolve the impasse, the rooster will peck the third time. Last. And in benevolent. State.

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