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Ritual Adam Neville in Russian: meet the cover!

Yesterday we reported that the market entered a novel Ramsey Campbell’s “the Grin of darkness.” It happened through the efforts of the publishing house “AST” and the wording “Astrel-SPb”, which produces a series of foreign horror “Masters of horror”. The series feels pretty good, sales are going briskly, and today we can look at one of the following books.

In the Internet appeared the cover of the novel Adam Neville Ritual (The Ritual). In General, according to previously announced schedule, the next book in the series was supposed to be a collection of short stories by Thomas Ligotti, but the release was delayed repeatedly. And now, it seems, waiting for the next transfer timing, time the cover artwork for “Songs of a dead dreamer” we are still not submitted. Nothing can be done, the author is very difficult. Better to wait than to get a crude translation.

Neville we know well – in the same “Masters of horror” was published his novel “Judgment days,” and earlier in “Room 16”. In addition, already announced that we will publish and “House of small shadows”. “Ritual” in this series will not get lost, as it is a very atmospheric and scary thing knowingly decided to film. In General, the more Neville, good and different!

Official publishing abstract:

Four old University friends decide to escape from everyday worries and go camping to enjoy the unspoilt beauty of Swedish nature. Deciding to take a shortcut through the woods, the friends soon realize that he was lost, and directly to often stumble upon strange long-abandoned house with signs of bloody rituals and ancient ceremonies, as well as stuffed incomprehensible monster in the attic. When they come across the corpses of animals nailed to the trees, and then human bones, people understand that they are not alone in this ancient wilderness and hunts for them. Only they don’t know the truth about who is stalking them, much worse than they thought, and in these woods there are worse things than death.

The book is really worth it to be on the shelf of a fan of horror literature. Roughly it should appear on sale this autumn. 480 pages, hard cover and a few hours of spooky fun. In short, we must take.

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