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#RIPCHESTER – Linkin Park wrote a letter to Chester Bennington

Dear Chester!
Our hearts are broken. Grief and disbelief a powerful wave rushing through our family as we try to understand what actually happened.

So begins the letter, which Linkin Park returns to his soloist Chester Bennington, whose tragic death shocked us all. Bennington took his own life by hanging himself in his own house, as it became known on 20 July, but just yesterday, the official resource group reaction to this event. Before that Linkin Park had to cancel a previously planned trip and post a few photos of Bennington in social networks.

You changed the lives of many people. Perhaps even more than I could have imagined. Over the past few days we have received so many touching and heartfelt words of love and support they have received from around the world. Talinda and those closest to me appreciate it. They want all the light I knew that you were the best husband, son and father; the family will never be complete without you.
Speaking with you about all those years that we spent together – your enthusiasm covered all around. After your departure left a void that cannot be filled. Alive, it, ambitious, creative, kind and generous, your voice is not heard anymore. We try to remind myself that the demons that took you away from us, was always a part of you. In the end, exactly what you were singing about these demons, made everyone fall in love with you. You fearlessly showed them, and in doing so has brought us all together and taught to be more human. You had a big heart, and it was impossible not to notice.
Our love for music and performing never waned. While we don’t know what’s in store for us in the future, but we know that the life of each of us to become a better man with you. Thank you for this gift. We love you and miss you.
Until then, until we meet again

On the band’s website also has a section #RIPCHESTER – there are messages from people from around the world, which they leave in social networks, accompanying their message with the relevant hashtag.

Friends, in many countries – and in Russia, too – there are services you can call if you start to think seriously about suicide. We managed to find room for such a hot line for our country. Call me if you feel that you are overwhelmed by demons. There you can help:


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