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Reviewing the classics – “the Stranger”, 1981 – REVIEW

Many of the old movies that we habitually call “classic”, turn out to be movie hopelessly outdated, have lost their fair share of charm – for example, happened with the original “Friday the 13th”, to any aesthetic pleasure (not to mention the fact to experience a sense of fear) from the view which is problematic. Other “Halloween,” John carpenter, for example, and now produce quite a decent and pleasant experience. This distinguishes truly great examples of the genre from talented (and not always), but still – maturing craft. Another slasher of the time (late 70’s-early 80-ies of the last century), “Stranger” (The Prowler, 1981), though many call it a “classic” still relates more to the second category, goes under the category of DIY.

In 1981, the slasher subgenre was in its Prime just after the success of the aforementioned “Halloween” and “Friday”. Simple and schematic horror movies about mysterious killers, hacking Teens, he had a rapid success in the environment of these adolescents. Does the emergence of the slasher as a subgenre these days, have heard the word “trend” these paintings were in fashion, and every cinedelic was in a hurry to grab a piece. So the new slasher produced several pieces for the year. The writers didn’t indulge the audience with a great variety of ideas. So, in the summer of 1980, screens out the canadian picture “prom night”, and in the spring the 81st American “graduation Day”. “The stranger”, which premiered in November of the same year, also defeated the theme of the graduation party high school students, simultaneously borrowed something else and the slasher “My bloody Valentine” (premiere – February 1981) and “Friday the 13th – Part 2” (premiere – April 1981), I’m not talking about the shower scene, which was echoed by chicagoscope “Psycho” – this is sinful any horror film with a shower scene.

The main characters evoke sympathy.

It would seem that the ribbon through secondary, but we must pay tribute – there is in it, and their findings, and their dignity. The beginning of the story draws the viewer as much as the Second World: girl rosemary (one of the film’s title – “the Killer rosemary’s baby”) did not wait for the return of her boyfriend from the army, reported the fact by letter. The guy whose psyche is, apparently, suffered, cruel revenge – the night of the prom he waylaid the cheater with her new boyfriend in the picturesque gazebo, pierces both forks (blatant plagiarism in one of the scenes of the murders from the second “Friday”), and in the hand of the murdered puts a rose (equivoque in the “My bloody Valentine”).

Since then 35 years have passed, during which this town is the graduation party was held. When I finally decided to return old tradition, the killer rosemary again. And now, one by one, killing graduates, while highly experienced, the Sheriff goes on a fishing trip, entrusting the Affairs of the young assistant, the girl whom is also a graduate… besides in the area can scour unknown perpetrator committed a robbery in the neighborhood.

Scenes of murder set at a high level.

Slasher at all, and “the Stranger” in particular criticized the primitiveness of the script, but in this particular case the accusation is not entirely fair. In a sense, the plot of “the Stranger” is even too complicated – it was the work of three writer (in the credits mention only two), and another trio worked on the dialogues (funny, as the dialogue-there is just weak). As a result, we have multiple lines, which could confuse the viewer – then you and the killer rosemary and old-voyerist living in the house next to the student hostel, and the same unknown offender, who until the end of the film and behind the scenes, and several minor, not playing any significant role in the history of the characters, some of whom die at the hands of a maniac, and some remain alive. Of these storylines remains without explanation, the part is just broken, so much so that, alas, we have to admit – they were introduced just to stretch the timing of the picture to acceptable. Poorly disclosed the motives of the killer, that is clear the origins of his mania, but absolutely no logical justification for what he does, how he chooses his victims and what is generally trying to achieve is not given. Not too logical sometimes and actions of other characters including the main characters. The script, the story itself looks exactly as it should look like a scenario that compose of several different people – one writes the beginning, second middle, and third – something else. Individual scenes and murders devoted much more tshane than the General outline, which perhaps might be acceptable in the “Golden” era of the slasher, but today pretty spoils the viewing experience.

Naturalism sometimes just rolls over.

Writers and then, by the way, does not particularly shown, working mainly on television. Slightly greater success was achieved by Director Joseph Zito, removing not only the fourth part of the “Friday the 13th”, and the notorious action movie “Red Scorpion” with Dolph Lundgren. – although this success is very modest. And it explains a fair amount of weakness of “the Stranger”, which is not too gifted actress and acted the film is inconsistent, the script is not too talented team of writers with the participation of not very prominent actors. Of the ensemble cast of “the Stranger” in the stars came out, although I think it’s strange, because actually it is to the actors ‘ claims for a minimum and Vicky Dawson, Christopher Gutman, and the rest look on your place and play the role conscientiously. The heroine Mila, her boyfriend is a pleasant and brave young man, their relationship to follow is sometimes more interesting than the main story line. The characters are alive and vibrant – largely pull this movie. The second bold plus of the film are the bloody special effects.

Worked on them the famous Tom Savini. “Stranger”, perhaps his best work in the genre – murder scenes here look maximally natural. Not always, they can believe from the point of view of logic, physiology, but it looks very “alive”. The camera is not shy to show the details, unlike such films as “Psycho” or “Texas chainsaw massacre”, where all the worst remains behind the scenes. In “the Stranger” show all, as the fork pierced the flesh, and the way the blade is sawing the girl’s neck, and a closeup! – how carries lumps in the head after being shot in the face. Moreover, in a kind of “bonus”, epilogue stage Savigny and Co suddenly show viewers the walking dead (actually this “bug” survived the stress of the heroine) – and this version of “zombie” looks much more “alive” and terrible than Romanovskii the walking dead – even those who are also makeup Savigny.

Suddenly, zombies!

The advantages of the paintings can be attributed to the skillful injection of suspense in some scenes. In fact it is probably the main advantage of the film, which is a lot more valuable than all other places to watch it and now let it not terrible, but clearly tense, as the suspense, waiting for something terrible, just rolls. Criticizing the weakness of the script and directing, should be commended Zito and the company for the ability to withstand really powerful theatrical pause.

Well, what happens in General? It turns out a movie that has as obvious flaws (holes in plot, weak dialogue, bordering on plagiarism, borrowing, etc.), and a certain dignity (cute actors, the bright “blood” special effects, skillful whipping up tension, etc.). On the one hand, this movie reaches out to the fact that in some part to stand in line with the true classic slasher, but the obvious weakness prevent to include the “Stranger” in the house of weights and measures of horror as a complete, self-contained film.

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