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“Retirement” ultimatum: Lyashko “threatens” the Cabinet’s resignation

"Пенсионный" ультиматум: Ляшко "угрожает" Кабмину отставкойHalf a million people in Ukraine are so-called social pension is less than 1 thousand UAH.

The radical party of Ukraine has put forward the requirement for the Cabinet to raise pensions for the Ukrainians.

If the Prime Minister does not make the bill Parliament, the parliamentary faction of the political force will initiate the resignation of the government.

About it on air “Columnist.LIVE” said the leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko.

“Or they introduce a bill to raise the pensions, or we initiate, respectively, of the Constitution of Ukraine resignation of the government,” he said.

According to policy, by increasing twice the minimum wage dramatically increased revenues to the Pension Fund.

“Had the money which can be spent on increasing pensions. Half a million people in Ukraine are so-called social pension is less than 1 thousand UAH. Millions of people who have 30-40 years of service, receive a pension of 1, 5 thousand UAH. As a result, we get the equalization, when a person has worked or not worked, but all the same receive a pension.

“We propose to raise pensions, subsistence level, those who receive a social pension less than 1 thousand. Also, we are required to recalculate the pension for those who have a great working experience,” – said Lyashko.

The leader of the RP emphasized the unfairness of the situation, when after 2012 allocation was not made, so that people with more seniority get the “penny” of the pension.

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