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Residents Zaporozhye terrified emergencies at nuclear power plants

Жители Запорожья напуганы чрезвычайным происшествием на АЭСAt the nuclear plant dramatically increased the load because of the shortage of coal in the country.

Residents Zaporozhye social networks are sounding the alarm in connection with the incident at the Zaporizhzhya NPP and have even begun to share information on how to behave in case of radiation danger. As previously reported, April 18, at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant under the action automatics at 19:52 was disconnected from the network the power unit №6. NPP in the work there were 4 units. According to the official version, the reason of triggering the automatic system and the tripping unit are investigated.

The residents of the region fear that they can hide the truth. “Before the conflagration in Balakliya and explosion at the oil depot in Cherry near Kiev the situation in Zaporozhye certainly more relaxed. But let us remember – and Chernobyl is not silent the first days? Who you recognized immediately – Yes, there are risks. Why would they panic?”, — writes in his blog, the inhabitant of Melitopol Andrew Tregubov. Users on forums and groups of the city in social networks are actively discussing the topic of emergency.

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For a long time the Ukrainian gas stations worked on fuel from Russia, but in 2011 in order to “diversify supply” went experiments using fuel production “Westighouse”. “The experiment was unsuccessful, American TVs have been broken/defective, this has led to the loss of Ukrainian “Energoatom” on 175 million dollars”, — informs the website “Typical Kiev”.

After 2014, continued attempts to use in reactors, fuel “Westighouse”. “In 2014 he moved on to the third block southern-the Ukrainian nuclear power plants, and in 2015 they tried to cram in two units. “A strange coincidence”, but after that all those units were forced to go on a long unscheduled repairs,” said on the city website.

In October last year the Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik announced the launch of the fifth unit of Zaporizhzhya NPP the fuel of Westinghouse. Then he added that he discusses the program to 40% of nuclear power units of Ukraine worked at the nuclear fuel of Westinghouse.
Load at nuclear power plants cover the shortage of coal

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine “has sharply increased the share of nuclear energy in the overall energy balance of the country: it was 47%, now rapidly approaching 60%”. This change is due to a shortage of coal in the country. Energy specialists said that Ukraine has increased the pressure on its nuclear power plants.

“With such a high share in the structure of the electricity market nuclear power plants General the energy security of the country depends directly on the stable operation of nuclear power plants. Although not what kind of stability we are not talking”, — told the “news” a source in the Ministry of energy and coal industry, who asked to remain anonymous.

In Ukraine, operated 15 power units with a total capacity of 13 835 MW at four nuclear power plants: 6 units – in the Zaporozhye, 4 — in Rivne, 3 — at South Ukraine (Nikolaev oblast) and 2 — Khmelnytskyi.

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