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Residents of the ancestral village of Kadyrov ordered to dismantle their homes

Жителям родового села Кадырова приказали разобрать свои дома

Residents of the Chechen village Hoshi-Yurt (Tsentaroy) are forced to dismantle their homes near the family estate of Ramzan Kadyrov. The reason is the expansion of the Park in the centre of the village, writes the “Caucasian knot”.

“In the Central part of Hoshi-Yurt houses began to be demolished, such an instruction [received] from the government. The owners were given two weeks that they have taken everything you need, and dismantled the structures that in the future they may need,” — said the publication of one of the residents of alleroy Musa.

The Park has already started to build, but recently the authorities have changed the project and expanded its territory, says local resident Adam. Those whose homes are being demolished, have made land elsewhere. Others will build a new home or give compensation.

“The owners until they dismantle the house, take everything you need. In the villages almost all the relatives and friends that all help each other. Nobody likes that demolished his house, which were built by parents or grandparents, but pointless to argue, the only problem will acquire. Again, the government has decided they will still do it my way,” explained local resident Malkan.

In the Prefecture, Kurchaloy district refused to comment on the demolition of private houses in Hoshi-Yurt. According to the district authorities, the village today live more than 8,500 people.

According to open sources, in Centar is the ancestral home of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov — it belongs to his mother aymani Kadyrova. Media told that in the village built a Palace with an area of more than five thousand square meters. The “Caucasian knot” indicates that the ancestral village of the head of Chechnya is the most protected settlement in the Republic: to get to the village you must pass through at least two security cordons.

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