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Reporters learned that the wages of assistants Klitschko

Журналисты узнали, какие зарплаты у помощников КличкоIt became known how much money is spent on the maintenance of capital officials.

The city Council announced that the salaries of heads of departments average 25 thousand UAH, and their subordinates — 9-10 thousand.

It is noteworthy that a large part of the final earnings depend on the premiums, which can be 2-3 salary.

The salary of officials, according to the official documentation consists of official salary, bonuses for rank, seniority, labor intensity, the implementation of “critical work”, and also monthly premiums.

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In addition, each capital officer entitled to financial assistance for rehabilitation, it can reach 13 thousand UAH.

Financial assistance for the solution of social problems, which can dothat 25 thousand UAH, also is available to any employee daebes reason needs.

In General, it was found that heads of departments earn from 17 up to 30 thousand UAH, almost the same — their deputies. The salary of specialists is about 9 thousand UAH. For example, in the Department of land resources 87 specialists, labor which for the first five months of 2017 were allocated 3,7 million UAH.

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Журналисты узнали, какие зарплаты у помощников Кличко

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