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Report of the British Parliament indicates that the British accepted the hybrid challenge Moscow

Report of the Committee on intelligence and security Parliament of Britain heralds the Kremlin hybrid “warfare”, cyber war, the oligarchs, the courts, and their assistant, the status of “foreign agents”, experts say.

Apparently, the British adopted a hybrid challenge Moscow and decided to engage in full-scale hybrid war unleashed by Russia against the West.

The parliamentary Committee, mandated to prepare a report on the influence of Russia in Britain, have done a tremendous job, interviewed dozens of security personnel, the foreign Ministry, entrepreneurs and independent experts. The Committee has also commissioned a study of open sources – media publications and research centers.

A large part of the report is secret and will be read by a limited circle of politicians and bureaucrats who will make decisions on all issues related to Russia. However, available to the public the text impressed the experts.

Language of official documents in Britain are usually highly sleek. Veiled criticism of the maximum, minimum orders categorical. In the Russian report the opposite – a criticism not only of intelligence, but of the entire political class was very clear and very tough. Its essence: “the Kremlin has got a serious networks of influence in the United Kingdom, and to blame all the governments of the last twenty years.”

In fact, they put the influx of capital and false witnesses diplomatic compromises above the interests of national security. Accordingly sounds the call for a change of strategy, especially for special forces: “do Not be afraid to invade grey areas, of course legitimately are Putin’s propagandists, hired PR and slippery oligarchs with residence permits! It’s not undermining democracy, and its protection”.

The report is extremely bad news for the Kremlin, points out Konstantin Eggert. An unsuccessful attempt in 2018 Sergei and Yulia Skrobala deeply affected by the British ruling class. The document gives a General idea of what will be the response of London Putin.

First, the report recommends to fully expand and fully Fund the division of special services dealing with the war in cyberspace. The development of offensive capabilities and the employment of professionals with promising long-term abilities, not just a set of skills is a key recommendation contained in the open part of the report.

Another important problem from the point of view of the Committee, this so-called “Londongrad” – the tens of thousands of immigrants from Russia are often very poor, who settled in the United Kingdom after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russian oligarchs, who became his business, and sometimes in political circles – the conductors of the Kremlin’s influence in the country.

They are well protected in many ways by lawyers and PR firms. Their money bought the consultants, the impact is a real impact on public opinion. Around them grew a whole service sector, interested in the most conflict-free relations between Britain and the Kremlin. These people are rooted in British life, so that to pull them out of it by legal means is almost impossible – this is the conclusion of the report.

However, it is possible to present these people an unpleasant surprise – to take on the American model law on the registration of foreign agents, which either will make the part of the Russians (and especially serving their advisers, lawyers, PR) to declare their real interests, or give an opportunity to the British state, these interests effectively identify.

The report also proposes to strengthen the possibility of application of the decree on unexplained condition. This is a relatively recent legal innovation that allows the court to require politically exposed persons and suspicious foreigners to explain the origins of their wealth.

Judging by the recommendations, the reasons for the application of the decree will be charged suspicion of involvement in criminal offences, and the courts will have the right to hear in closed session testimonies of security personnel. Intelligence, in turn, will be able to submit their data to the judges in the observance of secrecy.

The icing on the cake was one of the final recommendations of the report addressed to the British foreign office. Its essence is simple: the British diplomats, it is time to abandon not only traditional public rhetoric about “seeking mutual understanding” with Moscow and “development of relations”, but, in essence, from trying to seek understanding with Putin as long as Russia, according to the report, “it will not stop the aggressive actions of the British territory, including the use of chemical weapons”.

Up until that point, the task of British diplomacy was to maintain communication channels. First and foremost, for transmission to the Kremlin’s hard-hitting opinions and warnings of London.

The implementation of the report would in practice lead to the fact that Britain will be ruling in Russia, the Putin’s gang is much more tough opponent in the field of cyber warfare, espionage and political PR.

But, most importantly, threatened the interests of Putin thieves the so-called Russian oligarchs, not only in Britain but, given the role of London in the global economy and Finance, worldwide. And it is able to influence on the situation in Russia itself.

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