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Released on bail Nasirov showed up in Facebook

Выпущенный под залог Насиров объявился в FacebookNasirov quoted the verses of the Ukrainian poetess Lina Kostenko.

The dismissed head of the State fiscal service (GFS) Roman Nasirov congratulated with the birthday of poetess Lina Kostenko.

“Dear friends, I am back! Long thought, where to start and to write, but the work will begin tomorrow,” the official said.

“It was a little bit of time to read, and despite the difficult, to put it mildly, period of life, not to write about it can’t. Because every Ukrainian, every conscious citizen today needs to honor Lina Kostenko, which is now celebrating its birthday. How old is she, doesn’t matter. Read her poetry and prose and will understand that this woman will be young at heart until my last breath. Now she’s so young. The same stubborn and brave. As well brilliant. For me the pride to be with a person in any age. Happiness To You, Lina V.!” writes Nasirov.

“I am proud to live with such person in one age,” — said Nasirov and admitted that one of his favorite poems of the poet – “Wings”.

“I wish all Ukrainians never to break your wings!”, — he wished

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