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Relations between Russia and the overthrow of the regime in Sudan


1. Periodic gestures of the leadership of the Sudan towards Moscow in recent years (a complimentary assessment of Russia’s policy in the middle East, statements about the possible strengthening of military cooperation). Moscow and Khartoum stated the proximity of approaches to settlement in Syria, Libya, Iraq. Moscow has opposed attempts to impose international sanctions on transactions with Sudanese gold.

2. In 2017, the representatives of the Sudan expressed the desire to place a Russian military base in the Red sea. Working group of military experts (about 30 people) that help the air force and ground forces. It was reported about the presence of Russian PMCs.

3. Most of the weapons in the Sudan is of Russian production. Rosoboronexport conducted deliveries of helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-24, there were negotiations about the delivery of T-72 tanks. Sudan declared interest in buying the su-30 and su-35.

4. Economic ties (Sudan wheat imports and sells Russian tea). The interest of the Sudan to cooperate on civilian nuclear projects, the expansion of exports in Russia lemon, onion, potato.

5. Interest Zarubezhneft to develop four plots of the subsoil. Russian GTL in October 2015 signed an agreement with the oil Ministry to build a plant for processing of associated petroleum gas (project cost $ 70 million).

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6. Joint development of the geological map (after the separation of South Sudan oilfields of Sudan is interested in developing its own oil production and loading main pipeline). The victory of “Stroytransgaz” in the tender for the construction of the oil pipeline Melut Basin Oil Development Project.

7. A discussion of the possible construction of HPP “Magret” with the participation of “inter RAO UES export”. Russia has declared its readiness to help in finding investors for clearing of the waterway of the Nile from Khartoum to the border with Egypt.

8. Mounting on the Sudanese market companies in Tatarstan (KAMAZ, Kazan helicopter plant”, “Tatneft”, “ALNAS”).

9. “Global resources” received a concession for the development of projects of exploration and production of gold and polymetals (Sudan occupies the 3rd place in Africa gold mining).

10. The vote of the Sudan important for the Russian Federation to UN resolutions is as comfortable as possible for the Russian side.

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1. The lack of a long history of relations (the first in 60 years, visit to Moscow of the President of the Sudan held in 2017).

2. The weak economic potential of the Sudan. Limitations on trade-economic ties and poor mechanisms predostavleniya Bank guarantees and financial calculations.

3. The duty of the Sudan to the Russian Federation more than 17 million dollars.

4. The country of necessary funds for the purchase of Russian goods and services is not apparent.

5. The limited strategic advantages the territory of Sudan.

6. The risks of involving Russia in regional conflicts in the event of a rapprochement with Sudan.

7. The entry of Sudan into the coalition with Saudi Arabia in the middle East. A contingent of the Sudanese army involved in the fighting in Yemen on the side of the Saudis.

8. The economic expansion from China.

9. Low rate of implementation of the agreements.

10. The ambiguous attitude of Khartoum to the mediation efforts of the Russian Federation during the creation of South Sudan.

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