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Regardie introduced a new logo with naked blades and scrapie

Росгвардия представила новую эмблему с обнаженными клинками и скрепами

Regardie unveiled a new insignia. The draft order of the head of power Department Viktor Zolotov about putting a new lapel emblems for clothes and cuts appeared on the official website of legal acts.

One of the emblems described as “the Golden image of a round shield with banding and ties, positioned over the diagonally crossed swords, blades upwards and a Laurel wreath.” In the maroon field of the shield is placed the heraldic sign of Regardie — it was approved by the decree of the President in 2016 and is a two-headed eagle with two naked swords. This is the same image with grupovoi colors of the shield will be placed on the second emblem. The draft order does not specify, in what cases will use the old emblem, and in some new ones.

Before the formation of Regardie its predecessor — the interior troops — were also the emblem. Then in the middle of the round shield was flaming Grenada (grenade or cannon shells). Also had swords, but they were hidden in a sheath.


Earlier in the Duma was introduced the bill according to which the identification numbers on the form of employees of Regardie should be visible in the bearing of their service in public areas. Now resguardar are not any signs that would identify the employee.

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