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References to the films of George Romero in the TV series “the Walking dead”

He was not involved in the creation of this show and in General, judging by some statements, don’t like him much, but George Romero’s TV series “the Walking dead” would not exist. In any form – neither in comics nor in games or on television.

In 1968 Romero made a horror movie “night of the living dead”, which never sounded the word “zombie”, but this film showed the audience the Horde of reanimated corpses trying to eat the living. Romero invented the concept of zombies alive – so to speak about this kind of characters today. Even when the father of this sub-genre has gone to another world.

The Creator of the original comic and producer of the series Robert Kirkman has never concealed that he was inspired by the films of Romero. Moreover, the Executive producer and Director of several episodes of “the Walking dead” is the master of special makeup, Greg Nicotero, which can be called a disciple of Romero – Nicotero career began with work on the “Day of the dead” under Romero and Tom Savini.

It Nicotero, removing certain of the series “the Walking…”, often puts in little “Easter eggs” – references to their favorite movies about zombies… and among many films of George Romero. Colleagues from B-D has made a nice selection of these “Easter eggs”, with which we acquaint you.

In the 5 series season 3 there were twin zombies from “dawn of the dead”

A familiar shirt (15 series, 3 season)

Yes this is the Women from “Day of the dead” (15 series, season 4)

According to the inscription, this box of “Kaleidoscope of horrors” (episode 1, season 5)

16 series 5 season refers to the “Dawn of the dead”

12 series, season 7

6 series, season 6 (deleted scene.. a pity)

16 series, season 7

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