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Reebok sneaker releases of “Ghostbusters” from “strange cases”

Yesterday was held the presentation of limited edition sneakers Rebookon the second season of “Very strange things”. Moreover, the event lit up the stars of the original film, “Ghostbusters”, since on the footwear flaunts their iconic logo of the team, however, distorted and crooked painted.

As confirmed hidden in the mobile game is an excerpt from the show, our favorite small nerds of 1984, decided to dress up as Ghostbusters for Halloween, because I saw that summer was released and was a resounding success. Cosplay they came out scoring, and Lisp Curley Dustin Henderson even painted their shoes by drawing on them of ghosts and adding a couple of labels for steepness. Apparently, hero draws Hatena Mataratstso not much better than utters hissing consonants. But he tried! And in the end the shoes look very funny. Not surprisingly, the Reebok on the wave of hype around the series was quick to release a limited edition of exact replicas.

Touch the cross in the framework of the official presentation came such people as Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and ray Parker Junior. He finds, as is well known, not only starred in one of the main roles, but also participated in the work on the script of “Ghostbusters”. Hudson played the old Winston Zeddmore in the novels, Parker wrote and sang the super-hit song Ghostbusters, which was played in the first film.

However, is there now some sort of sneakers? Why bother to put on shoes and leaving the house, if today on Netflix appeared the second season of “strange Affairs”! But if you have no opportunity to see the show, the dudes from “strange cases” already carry the TV to your home.

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