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Rada voted “automotive” bills

Deputies supported in the first reading two bills aimed at easing customs clearance of cars.

At the last meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of the eighth session, on Friday, July 13, deputies supported the draft law No. 8487, about excise tax on vehicles. The document was supported by 265 MPs.

In particular, it is planned to introduce a new model of taxation excise tax passenger motor vehicles. In the proposed system should be a change of the tax per unit volume of the motor vehicle taxation unit of the automobile vehicle.

“Coefficient of age, which is present in the formula, leads to the fact that older cars bring disadvantageous because it is necessary to pay high tax. But the only way we can adjust the environmental tax, which is not in Ukraine today. In order not to introduce additional taxes, as in all European countries, I insist on the fact that the coefficient of age was present. Because 25-year-old cars do not need to be imported to Ukraine, and it is not necessary to discuss the option that is the car for 300 euros”, – said Chairman of the tax Committee, the people’s Deputy from BPP Nina Southerner.

Thus, it is proposed to set the base rate of excise tax for new passenger vehicles with a petrol engine capacity of 1000 CC of EUR 50 per unit and for a new passenger vehicle with a diesel engine capacity of 1000 CC at a rate of 75 euros per unit. To adjust a cost plan to introduce coefficients depending on engine size and age of the machine.

So, amount equals the base rate multiplied by the ratio of the engine and the coefficient of age. Ratio of the engine is the amount divided by 1,000. Ratio of age – the number of full calendar years from the year following the year of production cars up to year of importation to Ukraine.

In addition, MPs 256 votes adopted in the first reading the draft law No. 8488 On amendments to the Customs code of Ukraine and certain legislative acts of Ukraine regarding import of vehicles into the customs territory of Ukraine.

The bill, in particular, provides increase of responsibility for violation of rules for import of car to Ukraine.

The document establishes the duration of sanctions in case of violation of customs regulations – six months from the date of discovery of the violation.

For driving, which Ukraine imported the other person for business activities, a penalty of 8500 UAH, and for the second time in a year 17 thousand UAH with deprivation of the right to drive cars for one year with a paid auto removal.

For exceeding of the terms of entry for entrepreneurial activity for 10-20 days is proposed to establish a fine of 17 thousand UAH, for a period of 20-30 days – 85 thousand UAH, more than 30 days UAH 170 thousand or confiscation by the court.

Also ordered new sanctions for violation of terms of transit. For the “delay” for 10-20 days, a penalty of 8500 UAH, from 20 to 30 days 85 thousand UAH, more than 30 days, and reconnective cars – 170 thousand UAH, or confiscation by a court decision. Note that now the penalty is 8500 UAH in excess of the period of more than 10 days.

Note, under the building of the Verkhovna Rada for the third day protesting car owners on avtonomera. Their main demand is reduction of tax burden when importing a car into Ukraine.

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