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Rabinovich lost in France, the court against Levochkin

Рабинович проиграл во Франции суд против ЛевочкинаThe court decided that Rabinovich has wrongly arrogated to itself the right to apply to a foreign court on behalf of Ukraine.

The court of nice (France) upheld the claim of the companies Levochkina against the people’s Deputy Vadim Rabinovich, and also ruled to exact from him as from the losing party of court and other costs amounting to more than €500 thousand.

It is emphasized that Rabinovich had no authority to act on behalf of the state of Ukraine and to get permission to temporary judicial mortgage on the property of a company in France.

Thus, the court indicated that it was baseless arrogated to themselves the right to apply to a foreign court on behalf of Ukraine and canceled permission for the temporary registration of the judgment mortgage.

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According to the court, Rabinovich losing party shall pay to the people’s Deputy Yulia liovochkina and two companies of €9 million – €3 thousand each. In addition, he will lose about €400 thousand already paid them for the registration of groundless judicial mortgages, and in addition will pay all costs for the removal of this mortgage.

“We will demand from Rabinovich in the French court of compensation of harm of business reputation of our clients and the losses suffered. Allow further prosecution Rabinovich for malicious use of the French justice,” said a lawyer representing the interests Liovochkina and its businesses, Dan Shefet.

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According to him, in France, the revocation of a permission for temporary registration of the judgment mortgage is very expensive and the court put these costs on Rabinovich.

“Given the fact that he has already lost about €400 thousand paid fee for registration of this groundless judicial mortgage, the total loss of Mr. Rabinovitch as a result of this trial will exceed €500 thousand,” – said Sheet.

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