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“Pyramid of lies”

"Пирамида лжи"

“In Soviet era had a lot of things, good and bad. The problem is that now there are the type of people who specifically try to justify and explain it the worst and heinous,” writes analyst and publicist in Facebook.

“Famine in the USSR, collectivization, dispossession – but we built factories and prepared for war. Well, seven or eight millions of victims – up to a million can’t count still, it’s collateral damage.

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact – but got two more years without war and new territory, and do not care that the Nazis have spent these two years with a much greater profit for themselves, subordinating industrial and human resources throughout Europe, and eliminate the risk of war on two fronts, and the population of subordinate us territories subsequently largely flowed from a great love for the Soviet authorities, the police and German troops.

Stalinist repression – but it became stronger and destroyed the sedition, and potential enemies of the government. That often it was the best and the brightest people – is ignored.

Subjugated Eastern Europe and the Baltic States strengthened its military power. A separate question that the new territories resentment, discontent, separatism and opposition, largely provoked the collapse of the Soviet Union, and endless subsidies satellites have undermined the economic strength of Central Russia. Ethical question attempts to forcibly bestow his Imperial and Communist true other Nations do not want this, simply omit now.

With the endless and insane perseverance we are trying to convince yourself and others it is in absolute fidelity and correct all the mistakes of the past, feeling that the recognition of one wrong step is fraught with the collapse of the entire pyramid of lies.

And this blinkered confidence makes all the time to repeat many of these mistakes again and again.”

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