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Putin surprised by the unexpected statement about Ivan the terrible

Путин удивил неожиданным заявлением об Иване ГрозномThe Russian President took “to shield” Ivan the terrible.

During his visit to Belgorod region of Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow Tsar Ivan the terrible was the victim of historical insinuations.

So, the Russian President says that Tsar Ivan the terrible, wrongly accused of bloody crimes, the article says Natalia Lebed.

Many researchers believe that no one, he (Ivan) did not kill at all, and made that the papal Nuncio, who came to him to negotiate and tried to convert Orthodox Russia to the Catholic Russia. And when Ivan turned him down and sent his famous address, there was a any legends and the like. He made Ivan the terrible, sverkhzadacha man,– said Putin.

Now in Russia there is a rehabilitation of the figure of Ivan the terrible, initiated at the highest level, adds the author. A year ago in the Russian city of Orel was a monument of that king. “As stated by the Governor of the Oryol region Vadim Potomsky, Ivan the terrible from the beginning misunderstood by historians. For example, he said that the guilty in the death of his son, but this does not mean that the terrible killed the Prince. They only saarevali together from Moscow to St. Petersburg (!), and the way Junior caught some kind of Bacillus, and the father-king did not show the child the court Council. That’s how it was actually said Potomsky”, – says the publication.

Meanwhile, the President of the Russian Federation also continues to “whitewash” the figure of Joseph Stalin. “Over the demonization of Stalin is one of the ways of attack on the Soviet Union and Russia”, – Putin said in an interview with the Director Oliver stone.

He added: “Stalin was a complex figure, and the raising of his actions occurs in order to “show that today’s Russia bears some kinship stain of Stalinism.”

Stalin was a product of his era. As much as anything to demonize and much else, on the other hand, to speak of its merit in the victory over Nazism,– Putin said in the conversation with stone.

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