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Putin is just confused

Путин все только запутал

People are tired of leadership parables and wants clarity. When you give the money? Why a new Cabinet? How to rule the leader?

Our citizens know very well that the highest word on any subject must be interpreted allegorically. And that is exactly the opposite.

Sometimes people even like it. For example, six years ago, official statements about the absence in the Crimea the Russian military, no one believed. However, listened to them quite sympathetically, considering a useful trick.

But now is absolutely not the case. Hints and winks by which the higher authorities explains the coming transformation, ordinary Russians meet without any of the warmth and decrypts not as expected of them.

Three examples.

1. The people were strongly disposed to interpret the dismissal of Medvedev’s government as a good sign and the beginning of a new course.

That old Cabinet “has failed to improve the situation in the country,” agreed 74% of respondents “Levada-center”, and option “managed” was chosen by only 22%. And the government mishustina, if we measure today’s standards, greeted with optimism: “improvement in the country” he is expected 38% of respondents, “impairment” is only 9%, while other believe that nothing will change.

But what signals are sent to the people Putin, realizing so popular and beneficial for his own reputation event? Not those who waited.

The fact that the dismissed Prime Minister and Ministers did not even scolded and with such a blatantly awesome job, sleeping on the expense of ethics professed by the leader. After all, before him, they really in no way at fault. But something new office he could present to the people as something fundamentally different? Could, but did not.

Meet in front of the cameras with a new body of Ministers, he commanded them exactly the same thing repeatedly ordered to do the previous governmental structure.

Any unusual words. Of course, “the main task for achieving sustainable growth in real wages, income, quality of life of citizens.” Conceived, apparently, as a hint that a new era of wealth and generosity. But viewers didn’t catch. Because this thesis is repeated for the third year in each of the interviews of the President with the government. A ritual phrase that “there is not one minute to lose,” pronounced, most likely, just automatically, can be decoded by the audience in only one way: everything will be as it was.

2. After January 15, people are waiting from the authorities for new cash distributions. Since it is without any requests from below wants to restart the state system, let them pay for it subjects.

Matter how to treat Zimowska survey about the supposedly high level of approval of all constitutional amendments, it is undeniably true that really is universal agreement (91% vs. 1%) cause this list only promises to give money — to index pensions, benefits, minimum wage, etc.

People seem not to realize that these amendments, if adopted, — not commitments, but only ambiguous hints. That is spelled out in Federal law, that did not prevent the authorities to index or not to index payments such order what they want.

But the longer the Saga runs a correction, the harder it will resist the popular interpretation of these promises. But it is specifically demanding and does not tolerate wickedness.

Upstairs partly capture these fluids. The answer to them — a decree on the anniversary renditions of 50-75 thousand RUB. to veterans, their families and those who worked in the rear.

However, there are no signs that the masses will depart from the main waiting — review the whole system of social benefits in the direction of their increase. It is not excluded that the government, by their amendment people hinted at something more, much less expensive. But if so, it is a time when people could decipher it for us, will be very unpleasant.

3. The intended purpose of the correction of the campaign is to perpetuate the power of the leader. However, how everything will be done, don’t explain, and it also begins to torment people.

Instead of clarity, for some reason, try to exacerbate the uncertainty.

As you know, “meeting with representatives of the public” in Cherepovets Vladimir Putin was asked to count the success of the upcoming plebiscite as a mandate to extend his powers.

For those who have not followed the details of the event, said that it was much more interesting.

A representative of the public offered not from your face. She said that “quite a lot of talking with talented highly motivated students”. “Kids are becoming more active, including interest in politics and political stability. The children ask questions”. And in response to a clarifying remark Putin (“they have not yet grown up”) explained: “They design their future, and therefore, it is important to understand… what will happen in the country.”

That is the meaning of wishes talented students, as I understand it, is simply wonderful. Children “are actively interested in political stability” and therefore want to grow up and live his life under the guidance of the leader. Clear statement demanded the same clear answer: “Yes” or “no”. Putin, however, took advantage of a well-prepared opportunity and said only: “if we are talking about presidential elections, this should be done on an alternative basis”.

Who would argue. But confusion about the order of prolongation of his rule became more. Russian viewer wanted something intuitive in the least, and waited for just another hint that can not be explained.

The tenacity with which the tops on all occasions pour allegories, tired people. It does not meet the spirit of the present moment. Sympathetic response to the overbearing mystery will not.

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