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Putin has four operations in the Donbass.

У Путина есть четыре варианта действий на Донбассе, – политологOne of the options is to start a new war.

After the revolt in the occupied Lugansk at the President of Russia Vladimir Putin there are 4 options to solve the crisis in the occupied Donbas.

One of the options involves a journalist is to start a new war.

“How can do: start an operation to “restore the territorial integrity” of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and then to recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s Republic”, of course, if Russia will win this war, and to close this issue for decades,” – said Portnikov.

However, he added that this option is not acceptable for Putin, because it will lead to new sanctions and aggravation in relations with the United States and the West.

Another option, adds the journalist, is the full exit of the Russian troops from the territory of Donbass. However, this option will not be profitable for Putin, because it means complete surrender to the West.

“There is a third option – maintaining the status quo. That is what we see today. But this is also not an option, because if you maintain the status quo, it is not clear how to solve the issue of the sanctions of the West, how to improve relations with the United States,” – said the analyst.

It added that the Russian President chooses the third option. In this case, already after the election, Putin may be the best option 4 is to replace the Russian troops on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions UN peacekeeping forces without the establishment of the Ukrainian control over the territory.

“For US, maybe it will still triumph, because they forced Russian troops and their mercenaries to leave the territory of Donbass, will replace these troops with peacekeeping forces. But the Ukrainian Armed forces, law enforcement bodies and state structures in this area will not come,” – said Portnikov.

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