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Putin explained why Russia is interested in the inflow of new citizens

Putin explained why Russia is interested in the inflow of new citizens

July 3, 2020, 17::07

In Russia soon will not be enough workers that can become a limiter of growth of the economy, the country is interested in the inflow of new citizens, said President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with members of the working group for preparation of amendments to the basic law of the country.

“Russia needs an inflow of new citizens. Obviously, with the development of economy in Russia we have not enough, and soon it will be very much missed by workers, and it becomes a real, objective constraint on economic growth in the country”, – quotes TASS of the President.

This flash is unemployment due to the pandemic in Russia is not expected, Putin said.

“We have, thank God, not now, I hope I will not have such an outbreak of unemployment in connection with the coronavirus and limitations that are associated with it,” he said.

The unemployment rate in the country has shown a slight increase, to just over 6%, whereas in some countries there was a jump in this indicator. “We were able to avoid it, yet anyway . I hope so,” said the head of state.

Putin also drew attention to the problem of reducing employment among persons with disabilities, noting that this situation requires special attention.

“When people feel sought after when a person feels that he alone, not holding anyone’s hand, can earn himself a piece of bread, but also their loved ones to support, it changes everything in a person’s life,” he said.

In addition, the head of state said that it is necessary to carefully develop regulations that allow 16-year-old Russians to do business.

“The idea of government consisted in the fact that in any case not to impose on anyone some work, but grant the right for those who want to work. It was impossible to do, and many people want, many have requested this, to avoid legal restrictions on the business the guys starting from the age of 16,” – said Putin.

In his opinion, in this matter, “have a lot to think about and build accordingly these rights in order not to admit any mistakes.” “Here do not need to fuss,” – said the President.

He also pointed out that the income of Russian households is still declining, you need to think about how to support them.

On Friday, the President signed a decree on amendments to the Russian Constitution, the decree shall enter into force from the day of its signing, the amendments themselves – with the 4th of July. Putin noted that the results of the voting on the amendments to the Basic law showed a high level of consolidation of the society.

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