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Published frames of hand-built sports car for $118 000

Опубликованы кадры ручной сборки спорткара за $118 000Only some companies make their cars by hand.

Almost all the cars in the world now going on conveyors, as once coined the famous Henry Ford. And only some companies make their cars by hand. So began to produce a new sports car TVR Griffith.

Once upon a time TVR Griffith had already produced commercially, albeit in limited quantities. Then production was stopped. Last year, the public showed a new generation of the British sports car. This new product looks impressive. She has a beautiful modern design.

The British have already started to produce TVR Griffith. And this is done manually using a patented method of “iStream”, created by Gordon Murray on the basis of technologies “Formulas-1”. This guarantees high quality of the car.

TVR-Griffith-TVR Griffith 1Новый, the weight of which, incidentally, is 1 250 kg and is equipped with the upgraded 5.0 liter V8 engine 500 HP up To 100 km/h sports car can accelerate in 4 seconds with a top speed of 320 km/h.

How much is a TVR Griffith? The price of the standard version are not yet known (its production will begin in late 2018), but a special version of the Launch Edition can already be ordered for about 118 000 dollars.

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