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Provincial town, attracting the attention of tourists. Photo

Провинциальные города, привлекающие внимание туристов. ФотоIt is incredibly beautiful.

If You are tired of bustle of city life and want peace and tranquility to relax and be inspired by new ideas or just to escape from everyday work. Then go to a small town. When the big city is so popular and don’t require much advertising, more and more people choose the charm of a small town. Especially when it bordered the fancy TV and the brightly coloured facades of the houses on the rocky slopes. So for the sake of the picturesque small towns worth to go deep.

We picked the most delightful little city that can inspire you to visit these mysterious corners of the world. From distant bins Greenland, the fjords of Norway, on the coast of the Islands of Greece and Italy: here are collected the best and amazing little city on earth.

Colmar, France

Провинциальные города, привлекающие внимание туристов. Фото

Famous for the fact that collected here are some of the best architecture and the best wines in the region all Alsace. Situated on the river Lauch, Colmar offers visitors a cruise through the surrounding area to enjoy the river walk and view of beautiful medieval buildings Dating back to the Renaissance. Colmar is the capital of Alsatian cuisine and a place of culinary pilgrimage. As well as this the city of bright festivals of food, wine, music, etc.

Burano, Italy

Провинциальные города, привлекающие внимание туристов. Фото

Burano is an island area of Venice, with a population of less than 3,000 people. Such a small town as Burano different brightly coloured houses. And not coincidentally, so conceived was once the fishermen to enable them to learn from a distance their homes when returning from sea. In the 16th century Burano — one of the world’s largest exporters of lace.

Balestrand, Norway

Провинциальные города, привлекающие внимание туристов. Фото

These Scandinavian picturesque small town of Balestrand, is impressive not only for its traditional houses and stunning mountain scenery. Numbering a little more than 1,300 people, the most beautiful fjord on the coast.

Júzcar, Spain

Провинциальные города, привлекающие внимание туристов. Фото

You’ll learn to love the color blue in this Andalusian village, which is affectionately known as Smurf town. Yes, Yes, that is where they filmed the famous children’s cartoon about Smurfs, so beloved by children. The population of the city and do not get 300. For the film, all the houses were painted blue, and at the end of the project, thanks to a surge in tourism, residents by a vote decided to keep the color of the houses. What distinguishes this wonderful little city in Spain.

Alberobello, Italy

Провинциальные города, привлекающие внимание туристов. Фото

The lost city of the dwarves? Not really. Charming Alberobello with its hundreds of conical roofs on the white houses located on top of one of the Italian hills, surrounded by beautiful olive groves. These homes you will not find anywhere else in the world, and call them the “Trulli”, which means “dome”. For this landmark in the late 90-ies of Alberobello was added to the list of UNESCO cultural heritage.

Mandraki, Nisyros, Greece

Провинциальные города, привлекающие внимание туристов. Фото

This town welcomes you with great levels of white stone houses, taverns and shops, located on the shore of the Greek island of Nisyros. In this idyllic Mandraki opens up magnificent vistas of the blue ocean. Just a short walk away is the castle of the knights of Sitia (or “Old castle”), which is well preserved, despite its location, and its ancient ruins take us back to VII century BC

Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, China

Провинциальные города, привлекающие внимание туристов. Фото

This Chinese water town age about a thousand years, has a non-traditional location with a length of almost 2 km from the hotel, Wuzhen divided into six different areas: working area, district culture, wealthy communities, shopping district, cafes and restaurants and residential area.

Yvoire, France

Провинциальные города, привлекающие внимание туристов. Фото

Yvoire is located near the border of France with Switzerland. This gorgeous town is known thanks to its preserved medieval architecture. And also, it has a flower decoration during the summer. All these old houses, plenty of flowers and boats create a sense of fairy tales. After all, that’s why the coast is included in the list of the most picturesque cities of France.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Провинциальные города, привлекающие внимание туристов. Фото

A bunch of five medieval fishing villages bordering Italy on the West coast, the Cinque Terre is known for its beautiful architecture and dramatic facades overhanging cliffs. Cars are forbidden there, so you can get there either on foot or by train or by ferry.

Qaqortoq, Greenland

Провинциальные города, привлекающие внимание туристов. Фото

Consisting of charming colorful houses, the quaint town of Qaqortoq is the largest in the South of Greenland.
Attraction of this town until recently, was a magnificent fountain in the form of a whale spouting water. Now the same fountain and eat in Sisimiut.

Of course, this is not a complete list, containing the most picturesque small towns. There are a huge number of magical places, enchanting with its hospitality and beauty. But we hope that our list will be the beginning of your knowledge of the world, and to continue the list, You are able to, having been in this kind of cities.

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