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Priestly College

Жреческая коллегия

About the “working group” under the Constitution. Where not enough space “Surgeon” (sorry, the new document will now not be legalized “here it is, here it is all” as well as many other interesting legal situation.)

1) it is Clear that it is unlikely that they will truly be something to work with. It’s such a “priestly College”, designed to “sanctify” the text. It is possible that already written text.

2) Why in the “priestly College” included such wonderful characters? Well, apparently, someone “up there” I sincerely believe in zurkowsky (or not quite sarkowsky) the concept of “deep people,” which is like. Disappoint them not like it. Some noisy groups of three dozen people speaking on behalf of the people — probably, Yes. But not the people.

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3) And now about the main thing. We all these prilepina-Shahnazarova not elected. Who are all these people?! It is clear that it — like the cover, but technically they are “working group”. However, the Constitution — not the person. A person can appoint a list of trusted entities, the Constitution, the document — can not. Therefore, the legitimacy of future amendments and innovations — not even in question. She initially zero, but this legitimacy. Because of this “priestly College.”

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4) No, the Yeltsin Constitution (adopted uncontested — and who then completely read?) to cry, of course not.

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