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Price of life: In Kiev, pedestrian unsuccessfully made a remark to the driver

Ценою в жизнь: В Киеве пешеход неудачно сделал замечание водителюThe man tried to drive through the pedestrian entrance.

In Kiev, the pedestrian almost paid with his life for what he did remark to the driver who tried to drive on the footpath.
This video was filmed by eyewitnesses. The car, on the hood. Shouts, noise. It all began with the conflict of the pedestrian and the driver. The car rode on the sidewalk, and the driver asked a passer-by to give way.

“Came the driver, my mate started to say who I am that I am superfluous here, mate-peremat. I said to him: calm down, please. You see, the sidewalk. I was very polite,” says Yaroslav.

Yaroslav called brother and the police. Then, says the driver went to RAM.

“Such a rib on the hood, I dug into it, spreading widely her legs to my center of mass maximum was low, he twisted the steering wheel. Honestly, it was very scary, I even did not say a word nor utter a word,” says guy.

The brother tried to catch up with the car. Says afraid that he will not survive the impact.

“I saw the bloody brother at the bus stop, and beside him were men,” – says Rostislav.

The driver-forward from social networks immediately withdrew.

The traffic and Parking on pavements is a big problem, complaining pedestrians. But comments do not dare.
“Well, you know how it ends, what you say. Such a reaction from people, all so excited, especially those who are driving,” says Vladimir.
Meanwhile, the police have opened criminal proceedings, the Swiss guy on the hood. Consider this as “attempted murder”. The victim says, even after the injury to make comments rude drivers don’t stop.

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