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Presents a simple task Manager for personal use

Представлен простой менеджер задач для личных нужд

Convenient service with a minimalist interface and the ability to receive reminders by mail.

Task managers help us to stay productive instead of to keep the plans in your head, you can just write them down. Many of these services are cluttered with unnecessary features, which is not true of TodoX — it has all the right, reports the with reference to

The Manager interface is divided into boards, each of which can be devote a separate sphere of life and mark some color. Creating a Board, you can add a task and specify when you want to perform.

In the left part of the screen is a column with all the tasks. Thanks to him, you’ll always know what you need to do today, and what can wait until tomorrow.

The service can send reminders for upcoming tasks in the mail. If desired, this can be disabled via settings.

Microsoft stopped cooperation with Huawei

TodoX is designed for large screens from your smartphone to use it is not very convenient. While the service is completely free, but over time, the developers plan to introduce a subscription.

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