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Poster “Leather face” in Russian – chainsaw already made!

Again we rejoice in the fact that the efforts of the domestic distributors of the company “Kaskad” we will see a new part of the “Texas chainsaw massacre” on the big screen. The film focuses on the history of the permanent character of the franchise serial killer, nicknamed leatherface, is traditionally dark and bloody to estimate rampant the creators of cool in the trailer.

And in anticipation of the premiere, take a look at localized movie poster. In the movie, “leatherface” will be on view September 21.

In the center of the story will be four teenagers who kidnapped a young nurse after escaping from the asylum for the mentally ill. When they started up the trail no less than a crazy representative of the law, one of the kidnappers gets on full of tragedies and horrors of the journey that will turn him into a monster named leatherface.

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