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Post-true statistics

Пост-правда статистики

At first it looked like a blooper. In the data of Rosstat in the end of last year showed emissions: the sector “construction” of a sudden for no reason, no reason showed a terrible increase. Rebuilt in General. All the experts shrugged their shoulders: it can’t be. Even in the Ministry of economic development said: Yes, it is maybe a new technique or something, outcalibrate.

“But fishing is fishing”, as they say, and recorded the final GDP figure for 2018 is 2.1% growth, based on non-calibrated construction. Well, that is not to invent now a final figure out of my head.

It took several quarters (if skillfully rounded, almost five) — is approaching the end of 2019. And what do you think? In Rosstat data again showed a release in the third quarter the economy accelerated the growth rate by half. Experts again say: so, like, can not be, all the indirect evidence contradicts, the PMI for industry in General shows that the growth there, if not worse. But the Ministry of economic development has kept slightly molagavita than the first times: well, this, I say, maybe it can’t, but — there. And by the way, next, probably, too. Then you just need to get used to this sustainable trajectory.

That is great that it is not even cheating. Well — when I try, that’s all right to believe at all. So who needs it: truth — falsehood, can — can. It postpreda. Work on the result. And the team, of course.

And what to say, prosecutors lie, judges lie, Ministers lie, and other officials, in General. And the statistics we have, after all, mirrors reality. And what you wanted her for?


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