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Porsche Macan will turn into a electric car

Porshe Macan превратят в электрокар The developers are not standing still.

It seems that the Stuttgart brand is not going to fall behind their competitors, and now think about the development of a fully electric version of the compact crossover Macan.

In 2030 the EU will come into force strict limitations on the emission of carbon dioxide by cars, and the first phase of reductions will begin in 2025. However, in an interview with Automotive News head of Porsche development Michael Steiner said that for a brand such barriers can be overcome, and the company in question is on the development of fully electric models will focus primarily on customer demand.

If the project is to develop electric Macan will get the green light for a long time to work on a new platform, Porsche do not have: a mark may use the “cart” from the electric prototype E Mission, which in recent years have grown to emergence at the Nurburgring.

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