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Popular Ukrainian singer shared the secrets of beauty

Популярная украинская певица поделилась секретами красотыThe singer can feast on the sweet and then hard in the gym

Singer Maria Yaremchuk told about their beauty secrets. The famous artist charged with energy during a travel, sports and loves to mix different styles.

Sports: “I can’t say I have a very unstable weight. I quickly put on extra pounds, and just as quickly discard them. To control the situation, go in for sports: run, go to the gym and the pool. Swimming is the best way to tighten up all muscle groups. This is a way of life that helps to stay in good physical shape. But the occasional week of rest and allow yourself to relax. I think many will agree with me that the most effective way to relax, rejuvenate is a healthy and sound sleep. I love my work, concerts and tours inspire me. Sometimes after the speeches feel more energetic than a normal day. But a few extra hours of sleep for me, as an artist, will never be superfluous. In addition, the source of energy while traveling. I love sea and ocean, love to spend time near the water, watching the sunrise. If possible, try to travel to warm countries in order to combine business with pleasure and enjoy water sports. I do it with pleasure”.

Care for face and body: “my house is a million magical means, all kinds of jars and tubes with creams, tonics, serums. Love the masks and haven’t found them effective alternative. These tools help to smooth the skin, remove puffiness and tighten the skin. I use only organic cosmetics, preferring the French brand Biologique Recherche. To refresh the skin, which especially needs to be updated with the onset of autumn, take a course of light peels. In addition, I have a few of their personal beauty secrets. First, I always wash with cold water only, and secondly, any damage helps me to fight ordinary baking soda diluted in warm water. No gommage (deep cleansing) will never replace this simple effective way. Means of body care products use oils: coconut, olive, also love wheat germ oil. For the hair try to choose organic shampoos without sulfates, silicone and parabens. No mask, unfortunately, does not bring the desired result.”

Diet: “My diet depends on my mood. Can eat sweet and then hard in the gym. Can switch to a healthy diet and then set a weight to no fast food. In General, allow yourself something delicious and forbidden, but not overeat. We live in a time when certain ideals of beauty are for all to see, in strips Facebook and Instagram. It encourages each girl to strive to look perfect. She tries to meet the standards, exhausting yourself diets. I think it’s unhealthy perfectionism. No matter what the girl weight, the main thing is to feel comfortable in it to be happy and radiate positive energy”.

Style: “I wear clothes that, in my opinion, sits well. I like variety, I mix my schedule is often different styles and generally buy things in discord”.

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