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Poltorak commented on the sentencing, major General Nazarov

Полторак прокомментировал приговор генерал-майору НазаровуPoltorak also said the verdict Nazarov dangerous precedent.

The Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak commented on the sentence of the court major-General Viktor Nazarov in the case of the downed summer of 2014 in the Lugansk airport military plane Il-76.

As the Minister wrote on his page in Facebook, the court’s decision set a dangerous precedent and “may dangerously affect the opinion of the personnel who are involved in the fighting”.

“Besides, I think that this decision does not benefit the motivation of soldiers, raise morale and confidence that they doing the right thing. We are talking not only about cases, decision-making officers. The responsibility of each individual soldier, from the youngest to the senior officer,” – said Poltorak.

According to the Minister, it is very difficult to make a decision, when one understands that “a guilty verdict was held in Ukraine, and is supposedly podliask into the hands of the Kremlin.”

Poltorak said that the court’s decision in the case Nazarov should be as balanced and based on it should be just the facts.

He noted that during the battle, not everything depends on the commander, and the adoption of the decision to fight is always risky and there are times when the result of task execution are losses.

“I support the restoration of special military courts under the existing international experience. To assess the actions of commanders in a combat situation needs military specialists, experts and judges,” the Minister concluded.

Before that, about the need to create special military courts in connection with sentencing Nazarov said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Dangerous precedent the verdict to the former head of the General staff, major-General Viktor Nazarov, whom the court found guilty of negligence, also called the current head of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko.

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