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Please, take me to a Russian hospital!

I’m always amazed at the frantic hatred that skillfully demonstrates the liberal part of the Russian “rukopozhatnyh” to their country. No foreign Russophobia can’t compare with furious passion reproof, contempt, the indignation she feels that “his” audience is everything “Russian”. And then this filing. Type her in trouble ― crumbs, and strangers give the last protective pants and mask…

Умоляю, отвезите меня в русский госпиталь!

Hmmm, it is strange to deal with such a destructive hatred (because it is and “noble”, but this is not the case) that literally paralyzes even the rudiments of analytical thinking. But even more strange to see people who always appeal to morality as the last argument and they themselves destroy this universal principle. So a little about morality.

The modern world is shared not only by ideology, economic models, ethnic features. The world globally share two moral paradigms. One “ask”. The other “save”. When, for example, charismatic Ukrainian President in his next address to the nation said: “Congratulations, we won!”, ― he always has in mind that something “jewels”. Mask of China, loans from the IMF, the tests from the EU. And his joy is absolutely sincere. If the country life ― the petitioner, any handout is a victory…

If the Russian President announces, albeit modest, victory, the timely assistance of Italy, it is also sincere. He just understands that Russia can not survive in the mode of “petitions” in the format of cargoculte. This ethical paradigm is going to kill her nature, if you want karma, any hope for a normal future. The country is so constituted that saves himself, only saving others. In short, professional beggars you see your fart in the amount of alms, and professional rescuers in the amount saved. So arranged their life missions: one to show the world muscles, while others ― stump. And it would be odd if they changed the success criteria.

So when I hear about Russian aid to China first, and then Italy, Serbia, Armenia, even States in the period of the pandemic, I do not admire, and certainly not outraged. The country performs its historical dues. Otherwise, she will die.

But here there is another voice: not denouncing, as it were, sympathetic, not critical, as it advising. They say, and what to help such a distant and alien countries? There are native neighbors, which is also difficult. The same Ukraine. I wish to help them, and then, suddenly, after the elimination of a total disaster they repay friendship, partnership, cooperation.

It seems logical in these boards the lies mixed with naivety. The naivety that such well-wishers see the world in the dead of geopolitical forms. Yes, more recently, the community borders as a condition for the creation of unions, alliances and blocs. The European Union ― the last demonstration of this model. The last in all senses! Damn the deadly virus has shown that a common border does not facilitate mutual assistance and understanding, but can create intolerable mutual problems. It’s like a communal apartment ― a touching friendship on the basis of the kitchen location, easy transformirovalsya ardent hostility on the basis of the kitchen cramped.

Yes, former brothers and sisters, perhaps (which is not true), will be accepted. But first, adopted with the condescension and superiority. Second, instead of future appreciation can be expected only scorn and rejection. (There is the spectacular experience of the same in Ukraine. There are hundreds of billions of dollars donated in the form of discounts on oil and gas, was perceived purely as stupidity, naivety and logovest North “jackets”.)

However, half a century ago Dostoevsky predicted it for good and help the “brotherly” people will pay Russia with hatred and betrayal…

But that is another story. Now back to the point, more precisely, to “memento Mori”. The virus suppresses the immune system, sharpens intuition. This intuition suggests at least three important aspects.

First, again, it can not be helped. Russia, helping others, saving other people’s souls, help yourself first and foremost. More precisely, “save our souls”. Second, it is necessary to help not those who are close geographically, but those who are moral gratitude. Now the mutual distance much less important than mutual understanding. Third, and most important today. In terms of total disaster suddenly there was an invisible request to the unions of former empires. Although the Empire the former are not. Those are state phenomena that are ever realized, felt, felt that the great space is needed for great goals. Great literature, poetry, music, philosophy, and culture in General. The parochialism, provincialism, krainosti alien major thoughts and significant meanings. For their carnal consciousness “to be or not to be” ― “shit question”. Perhaps these countries are even happy in his own way without painful Imperial phantom pain at the great.

I even thought that these corpuscles my “simple” world won. Then, with the beginning of the pandemic, hesitated. They say that Italy immediately forget their reflection about the torpedoing of the anti-Russian sanctions, as soon as I change protective mask in Bergamo at the carnival in Venice. No forever to be a servant to two masters ― the winner is the one who pays more.

And on the drum! Sanctions are only afraid of tiny countries and not inherent to empires. Besides, I somehow believe that Italy in sweet dreams and remembers his Hellenic Imperial past. When they were brought and didn’t ask for: sparkling wine the Nations drank brandy mushroom; baths to those bathed in the puddles; the philosophy of the tribes, who had not even writing. They remember the genetic memory that the strategy of the stronger tactics and the generosity is stronger than pragmatism… in Short, the Empire strike back.

PS. My old friend that meets the MOE for the aircraft, returning two days ago from Italy, I was told on the phone that affected Italians in the most affected coronavirus Bergamo, where there is a military mission from Russia, begging the paramedics “Take me to a Russian hospital!”.

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