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Pirogovo Ukrainian tale under an open sky

Пирогово - украинская сказка под открытым небом“Pirogovo” is the largest Skansen in Eastern Europe.

What was the Ukrainian village over a hundred years ago? How people lived, how he worked, how fun and how to spend major holidays? Differed rural house woodland house from Slobozhanshchina? Why Ukrainians in different regions so organized our economy? What outfits were worn bridesmaid for a wedding and dressed like carolers on Christmas day?

To see at least one day in the life of the Ukrainian past centuries, invites the national Museum of folk architecture and life of Ukraine “Pirogovo”.

Outstanding ethnic Museum in the country

Europe’s largest Museum under the open sky is located in Ukraine. National Museum of folk architecture and life “Pirogovo” is situated on 131 acres of Goloseevskiy district of Kiev. The people of the region is reflected in the hundreds of large and small exhibits. In agriculture, crafts, architecture and interiors of this village. “Middle Pridneprovie”, “poltavschina and Slobozhanschina”, “Polesye”, “Podillya”, “South”, “Carpathian mountains” – a separate ethnographic regions represented in the Museum. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

All objects of the Museum are original, with a few exceptions, works of folk wooden architecture brought here from all Ukraine’s oblasts. These houses were dismantled in various villages piece by piece, labeled, transported in Pirogovo and here reproduced in its original form. The oldest exhibit – 1587 the house with the furnace is the oldest monument of folk art of building in the entire former Soviet Union. Also among the unusual exhibits is the home of the relatives of Taras Shevchenko. Now there are about 300 unique monuments of folk architecture from the XVI – XX centuries.

Here you can see a unique collection of windmills, water mills, blacksmith shops, a cabin boy, a rural Council, the parish school, the pastorate, pub … houses, barns, Riga, soot, chicken coops, cellars and the like.

Life under the open sky

Interestingly, the area where is situated the Museum under the open sky, was inhabited long before our era – to such conclusion came the archaeologists. Nearby was also found beskarkasnye burial ground, Dating from around the V century BC, and later “Zarubinsky” settlements of the early Slavs.

The Museum “Pirogovo” was founded in February 1969 to the public initiative, the Ukrainian society of protection of monuments of history and culture.

There are no cold silence of the Museum with boring exhibits. Around the picturesque nature of the ancient oak forests of Goloseevskiy forest. Between streets, these are the folk songs, everywhere is noisy and fun. In Pirogovo almost daily exhibitions, fairs, master classes, theatrical performances and various festivals. On the benches you can meet young in oczipka and men in kaftans. You yourself can try on, or to purchase a shirt for yourself.

Churches and idols

In this ethnographic Museum hosts over twenty festivals in a year – national and religious. Every weekend there is some event. Their traditions are revered not only by Christians, but also believers and Gentile. Five vintage wooden churches regularly sent here for service. Married couples get married and baptize their children on the grounds of this outdoor Museum. But fans of pagan traditions like the area where is Oak of Perun. This sacred tree is 2,000 years old has become a Museum exhibit after he was found in the waters of the Gums.

A 200-year tradition of celebrating weddings, a night of divination, or Midsummer incopetence nowhere so clearly as here you see the playback of the ancient Ukrainian rituals. Lives, authentic, vibrant Ukrainian festival.

A few hours is not enough to explore the whole “pie”. You can walk around the site, or listen to a tour guide. Walk or horseback riding, carriage or cart pulled by horses. You can even ride the train around the Museum. And for the most active users from last year was opened bike rental.

Пирогово - украинская сказка под открытым небом
Пирогово - украинская сказка под открытым небом
Пирогово - украинская сказка под открытым небом
Пирогово - украинская сказка под открытым небом
Пирогово - украинская сказка под открытым небом
Пирогово - украинская сказка под открытым небом

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