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Photo from filming season 7 of “American horror story”

Zone Horror have gotten fresh photos straight from the set of the TV series “American horror story”. In the lens were actors Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson. One of my favourites, to be honest. And yet, cast in this show is so cool, where tkni — everywhere favorites.

So, Peters filmed directly during one of the takes. Details about his character have not been disclosed yet, but in the photo he has quite a black eye and injured hand. Standing on the steps of an administrative building, he seems to give angry interviews to reporters. I wonder what his hair is painted blue. Maybe this is the blue key, which recently spoke with series Creator Ryan Murphy? Curious.

Near Peters I did not notice Adina porter. Apparently, she plays a reporter in the news program. Her face can be seen on the fourth and fifth picture.

Sarah Paulson is also the photographer caught the moment when she with a water bottle and some papers stamped to the car. Not the most interesting shots, but we looked behind the scenes. And Sarah is always a pleasure to see once again.

Now, consider the months until September, when he finally kicks off the new season well and looked at the elephant-like monster that’s out there.

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