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Phobias in the Kremlin are growing

Фобии в Кремле нарастают

Why is the inefficiency of the personnel policy of the Kremlin is now talking experts? She was never a role model.

In my opinion, everything develops naturally: mode pupate, as I said earlier. Governors push through on their posts are not “technocrats”, who are vying with the security forces.

First,technocrats, it is the symbol of government officials trying to save their own future and not to cause Western elites Association with Putin’s inner circle. There is no technocratic”tower”.


Secondly, phobias are growing in the Kremlin; so try managers up to allow new governors to converge with the local elites. No one can be trusted, neither the General staff nor Rashudi, or even FSB! Surrounded by enemies and the fifth column!

Ideas were old friends, like Sechin, strengthen rotten fake vertical. But while a question hung brooding.

Funny thing is, if you try to establish a new monster, like the state planning Commission headed by Rothenberg, Deripaska or Sechin. Well, to control mishustina. The government also probably traitors leaked!

Feel bad for the GDP: all have to do with their hands, anyone to trust anything.


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