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Peskov commented on the dismissal of the Yamal journalist after the press conference Putin

Песков прокомментировал увольнение ямальской журналистки после пресс-конференции Путина

The resignation of an employee — business edition


The Kremlin saw the message about the dismissal of the Yamal journalist who asked President Vladimir Putin a question about the bridge across the Ob. This was stated press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

“We don’t know the details and why the editors made this decision, have resigned if she or she was dismissed” — quoted Peskov “news”. According to the representative of the Kremlin, in this case, the dismissal of an employee is a matter of wording.

“No other explanation from this journalist, we have not heard or seen in the media,” — said Peskov. The question was asked during a press conference where you asked any questions and the President gave them the answers, said Putin’s press Secretary


The correspondent of the Moscow Bureau of “Yamal-Region” Alice Yarovskaya during a press conference asked the President, do you have any plans of the Federal government to participate in the construction of the bridge across the Ob river that would link the cities of Salekhard and Labytnangi. About the project “heard a little”, but the County Governor is doing everything possible to apply it, she said.

In response, Putin said that this bridge is one of the most important projects for the region, and added that “the development of transport infrastructure is defined in a planned manner”.

The journalist OGTRK “Yamal-Region” has denied media reports of resignation. According to her, she left the district broadcasting company on their own. The reason for leaving Yarovskaya is not called.

Sources familiar with the situation previously reported that the leadership of the region did not welcome the remark of the journalist about the activity of the district chief in the project SSH. In addition, according to unofficial information, the editors channel coordinated employee another question regarding a possible Federal support for the project on construction of the Northern latitudinal-2 (railway from Bovanenkovo to Sabetta), which is also still in limbo.

There is another version of the dismissal of Alice Yarovskaya. On his page in Facebook during the press conference of Vladimir Putin, it shared with his subscribers by observing the appearance of the President. “I do not see Botox and fillers ((looks at mine,” she wrote under the photo, which was made from the audience during a meeting of the President with the press. “So, has ceased to prick, when the critic and the pictures went,” said her one of her subscribers.

It is possible that this correspondence could give rise to the leadership Yarovskaya for personnel issues.


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