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Participant auditions outraged by the harsh criticism of the mentors of “the Voice”

Actress Aglaya Shilovskaya as it turned out, had time to test your vocal abilities on “the Voice.” She came to the blind auditions, with the approval of Yuri Aksyuta, Executive producer of music and entertainment programs of the First channel.

During a speech Aglaya visibly worried, but the attitude of the mentors threw her literally into shock.

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“Normally, as if failed was not made by the participant, sitting in chairs, the mentors tried to be very polite and tolerant. Their main goal was not to offend the participant. Later, the people who worked on the project, admitted that such a unique coarseness, which sounded in my address, to not ever hear. On Dima Bilan, the pathos of whose performances boiled down to the fact that I do nothing, evil does not hold. But now, when he began to act in films, I would also like to ask: what is he doing on set?” she said in an interview with “Caravan of stories”.

According to Aglaia, most sharply it do Alexander Gradsky and Pelagia: “Pelagia, unknown to the “Voice” person, besides absolutely no vocalist with a minimum range, for some reason, went with me to you and didactic tone said that I have not had a single clean notes and terrible lower classes”.

Moreover, after some time, the actress met again with the Town and he then very unflattering spoke about her work in the movie: “There was complete devastation. Unstuck finally gave native. We have each other, if someone from the family hurt, the rest are ready to tear the offender”.

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