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Parents of students against homework

Родители школьников ополчились против домашних заданий  The post one of the mothers caused a stir in the Network.

The chain blew “the cry of the soul” tough mother of a teenage girl, which explained why she doesn’t want to spend the evening at home on the implementation of school homework.

Relevant post, which gathered more than 35 thousand likes and almost 3 thousand reviews, Elena Skachko shared on his page in Facebook.

Her revelation begins with the words: “Yes, I’m a bad mother. I don’t want the evening to do with his or her children. And daughter of my own in the evenings, too, does not want to do them. And another time we have.”

The woman explains that with the modern pace of life, every child after school attends some circles and sections, this means that given the stress of parents, urban traffic and other circumstances, most families gather at home in the evening “tired, with the desire to just chat and dinner”.

“But there is no need to do homework. Otherwise tomorrow again in the diary is “not ready for the lesson”, and I’m going to suffer from maternal guilt complex. Yes, damn it, I’m a bad mother. I have a teenage protester, not baby Daisy. She doesn’t want to do homework.

And I can’t stand on its head and barking like a village dog at passing cars,” she adds.

In its history it tries to explain that she has a lot of worries, daily chores, extra classes and other responsibilities and Hobbies.

“Yes, I’m a bad mother, whatever you say now many. I gave birth to children and parenthood – work great, nothing to move out. And I’m working on. Life.

My children were healthy, clothed, shod, studied something else besides the school curriculum, cheerful, went to sea and were my friends. And so I don’t want in the evenings to do homework. I want children just to talk! Because I don’t think that children is a life-long bondage. I believe that children are a joy. And evening is a time for joy, not for the scandal,” she adds.

She asked when at last to abolish homework as “it was done in many schools of the world.” “Why not introduce a pair in the first lesson to work on the second practice? Why is it necessary to carry home the whole set of tasks, when this can be completed effortlessly for 6-7, even 8 hours. The 21st century has accelerated the pace of life, leaving us with many new challenges. But the day was not more than 24 hours. And strength and health. And children now,” she says.

She says she’s not convinced the daughter that homework is very important. “But how could I convince if I hated myself?” she asks.

“In General, you can kick me as you like, but I’m a good mother. And I love my difficult daughter. But in the eyes of society I still a bad mother, and my daughter is a rebellious teenager. Such us makes our education system,” – says the girl’s mother.

Родители школьников ополчились против домашних заданий
Родители школьников ополчились против домашних заданий
Родители школьников ополчились против домашних заданий
Родители школьников ополчились против домашних заданий

The woman adds that it is necessary to restructure the curriculum so that didn’t need home at night (at least on weekdays) to do homework. “To tens of thousands of mothers and fathers (I’m sure that many will agree with me) no longer consider themselves bad parents. And nasty Teens will be one less reason to revolt. And now kick. Anyway because I’m a bad mom,” adds wearer network.

Her post was shared by the President of the International Corporation “Grand” Vladimir Spivakovsky.

According to him, “the mom-torture – for nothing.” “Homework should not become a tragedy for her and the baby. A few outputs, and they are simple,” he says.

He cites several ways to solve the situation, in particular, he suggested that the child himself decide how to do my homework. “What time’ll do it, okay,” he says.

Specialist also advises to find another school, where homework “is not so critical and horrible”, and to decide on priorities.

He believes that should try to negotiate with the teachers to give less homework.

Родители школьников ополчились против домашних заданий
Родители школьников ополчились против домашних заданий

“In American schools to the question of our emigrants, whether parents to make DZ with their children, they say: Leave the kid alone and let him make his own life. Mind your own business and live your life” is an example of it.

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